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Thank you for visiting Gary's Portfolio Page. This page contains a repository of some of Gary's larger and/or multi-page works. As a technical writer, content developer and document engineer, Gary has produced a wide variety of informational documents for a broad assortment of media formats (PDF, HTML, HTML Help, MS Doc, Wiki, printed hard copy and CD-ROM). He has produced documentation for diverse audience types and technical levels including end users, internal employees, engineers, programmers, 3rd party developers and system administrators.

Gary's Portfolio Samples


Cisco Systems

Gary's Cisco ETMS Client Communications Guide

Gary's Cisco TelePresence Systems Video Endpoint Deployment Cookbook

Gary's Cisco Video Endpoint Deployment 4-Phase Process Flow Diagrams


EffOne Software

Gary's EffOne Formopia Functional Specification (50-Page Portfolio Sample)

Gary's EffOne Formopia UI Mockups

Gary's EffOne Summary of Services Whitepapers


Escort Memory Systems

Gary's EMS Industrial Gateway Installation Guide

Gary's EMS Semiconductor Process Tool (images only)



Gary's installation guide for FAAC's S418 Swing Gate Operator


Google: Project Glass

Gary's Google Glass "How the Data Flows" Diagrams


KC Technology

Gary's KC CONQUEROR MD Bluetooth Reference Design Kit User Guide

Gary's KC CONQUEROR MD Bluetooth Reference Design Kit HCI Commands Reference Manual



Gary's McAfee blog on Botnet Protection

Gary's McAfee blog on Intrusion Prevention Systems


Gary's Resume Page


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