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GPS Consulting Services

Before Gary became a technical writer, he spent several years providing Quality Assurance (QA) for a variety of diverse products (Hardware / Software Usability Testing, Black / White Box Testing, Regression Testing and Failure Analysis).

He can write component and system test plans; can define system test benchmarks; can write test coverage matrices to verify full coverage of system requirements and functional specifications; can conduct all phases of testing; can perform verification and validation; can clearly document test results; can participate in design reviews; can interface with other design teams and outside vendors to resolve design issues.

Gary has been a QA team member for organizations whose products include:

  • 3D video graphics accelerators and audio hardware, software, drivers and BIOS code.
  • Bluetooth hardware modules and related technologies.
  • DSL hardware, software, BIOS code and Web-based line provisioning support systems.
  • Enterprise-based OSS (Operational Support Systems).
  • Graphical User Interfaces for Web applications.
  • Red Hat Linux-based server applications.
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) hardware, networks, software and firmware.
  • Solaris-based Web portal development tools.
  • Web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) applications.
  • Web-based utilities for managing and monitoring interactive kiosk terminal networks.

In a single 11-month period as a Lead QA Engineer with one particular company, Gary independently identified and obtained resolution for over 350 significant bugs. Working for another organization, Gary was individually responsible for discovering over 300 significant bugs within a 12-month period.

Gary has extensive experience as a Technical Support Engineer. He started out providing end-user support for a video graphics card maker. Later, he delivered OEM support services for a $200 million per year graphics chip maker.

He once worked for the Philips Digital Entertainment Group where he was quickly promoted from first to second level support (Technical Support Escalations, as they called it).

Once, during a 12-month stretch as a Technical Support Engineer, Gary personally handled and resolved over 10,000 user support inquires (via phone, fax, email, postal mail and online forums). In addition, Gary has written, produced and published numerous Technical Support related documents, Knowledge Base articles and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) entries.

Gary has provided Technical Support for:
  • 3D graphics accelerator chips, drivers and BIOS code.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) network and client transactions.
  • Enterprise applications for health care services.
  • PC-based, home theater audio/video convergence products.
  • Video graphics adapters, sound cards and their respective drivers.
  • Web server and portal development applications (for Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux operating systems).
Gary has provided Technical Support to:
  • Corporate clients and partners
  • Internal employees
  • Product end users
  • OEM buyers
  • Third party application developers

Gary truly enjoys the challenges involved with resolving difficult technical issues and he receives a great deal of personal satisfaction from being able to help and assist others.

Gary has spent almost 25 years building and repairing PC computers. He has built PC's from scratch, borrowing and scraping together parts when he had to. In fact, Gary built his first PC back in 1995 - a 486 DX33, 8MB (that's right, 33 MHz with 8 MB of RAM).

Besides building full computer systems, Gary can install, upgrade and configure any number of hardware components.

  • DSL Gateways / Broadband Modems / Wireless Routers
  • Hard Drives (OS installation, data backups and transfers)
  • Memory (upgrades and installation)
  • Network Adapters (installation and configuration)
  • Printers / Scanners (network and Wi-Fi configuration)
  • Home Theater & Surround Sound systems / Cisco TelePresence Video Conferencing equipment (setup and configuration) / Music Production Devices
  • Video Graphics Cards / Video Capture Devices / Multi-Monitor Display (installation and configuration)

Got a tough computer problem? Send Gary an email describing it. As one happy client once exclaimed, "Just say Yo Gary - and it's fixed."

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