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Gary P. Swope (AKA "GPS") is a seasoned technical writer, content developer and document editor who has produced a wide variety of multi-platform informational documents in a broad assortment of media formats (PDF, HTML, HTML Help, MS Doc, Wiki, social media, printed hard copy and CD-ROM).

He has produced documentation for diverse audience types and technical levels including end users, internal employees, engineers, programmers, 3rd party developers, system administrators and upper management.

When it comes to writing, Gary believes it is important to produce and deliver documents that are technically accurate, concise, effective, and professional looking.

Gary has been developing and producing technical documentation since 2001. He has designed and deployed complete Help sites (CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML) and has produced documentation for Web-based enterprise applications and utility suites.

Authoring Software: Adobe Creative Suite / Technical Communications Suite (Acrobat, Dreamweaver, FrameMaker, InDesign), Bluefish Editor, Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Word), Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft Sharepoint, Confluence, DocBook, Google Docs, Google Sites, Javadocs, LibreOffice, Wiki.

Databases: MySQL, Oracle R11 and R12, SQL Server.

Platforms: Linux Mint, Microsoft Windows all versions, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Sun Solaris, Ubuntu Linux, Ubuntu Studio Linux.

Graphics Software: Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop), GIMP on Linux, MS Visio, Snagit, SolidWorks.

Source Control, CRM & ERP: Bugzilla, Confluence, CVS, Github, Perforce, ServiceNow, Sharepoint, Visual SourceSafe.

Technologies: Bluetooth, DNS, Ethernet, FTP, LAN / WAN, RFID, TCP/IP, VPN, Web Services, Wi-Fi.

Gary is a practitioner of all document, web, graphic and media formats. He delivers complete and comprehensive publications derived from scratch or from any number of file types (.DOC, .HTML, .PDF, .TXT, .XLS, Flash, Photoshop, FrameMaker, InDesign, Visio, Wiki and more).

Gary - Nutrition Facts

Below are some of the types of technical documents Gary has produced and published.

Product Documentation

  • Application-based HELP systems
  • Hardware / software installation and user manuals, guides and instructions
  • Product data sheets, product training materials
  • Software development kits (SDKs), software integrators guides
  • Web and enterprise-based server configuration and administration guides

Engineering and Design Documentation

  • API (Application Programming Interface) documentation
  • Application/product requirements
  • Engineering Change Orders (ECO)
  • Functional specifications
  • Method of Procedures (MOP), Run Book and Playbook documents
  • Product Requirements Documentation (PRD)
  • Reference design manuals
  • Scope of Work (SoW)
  • Software Developer Kits (SDK)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • System integration process diagrams
  • User interface / user experience (UI/UX) designs, layouts, mock-ups and copy

Quality Assurance (QA) Documentation

  • QA databases for product defect tracking
  • QA test coverage matrices
  • QA test plans and procedures

Technical Support Documentation

  • End user support guides
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) lists & content
  • Support documentation repositories

Web-Based Documentation

  • Application HTML help systems
  • Google "Sites" design and deployment
  • Knowledge base repositories
  • Web site articles and blogs
  • Wiki intranet site design and content development

Graphics, Illustrations and Animations

  • Corporate graphics
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Product graphics, logos and icons
  • Technical illustrations and infographics
  • User Interface mock-ups and layouts

Corporate, Sales and Marketing Documentation

  • Corporate news letters, press releases, company handbooks
  • Corporate technical knowledge repositories
  • Department procedures
  • HR documentation
  • Marketing collateral
  • Sales-based web copy, technical sales literature
  • Training materials, new-hire and onboarding documentation
  • White papers

Below are some of the products and services for which Gary has produced technical documentation.

  • Acquisition Integration IT Services Playbooks
  • Bluetooth hardware - Product specifications and API commands guide
  • DSL hardware - QA test plans and procedures
  • Graphics accelerator chips and video cards - Product technical support documentation and Knowledge Base
  • Health care industry regulatory compliance utilities - Application administration documentation
  • Health care industry - user and administrator guides for enterprise customer information management system
  • HR and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) teams - Application user documentation
  • Network security, anti-virus software utilities - Blog content
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products - Complete product documentation
  • Set top box middleware for IP-based TV services - API documentation
  • Thermal scanning test fixture systems used to validate testing in wafer manufacturing and etching processes
  • Vehicle manufacturing - Web services integration guide and diagrams
  • Video teleconferencing endpoint deployment services - Deployment procedures, processes and process flow illustrations
  • Web-based Software-as-a-Service site - UI content, application user guide and help system

Gary creates, develops, plans, writes and edits all types of technical publications including operational, instructional and maintenance procedures, process flows, application specifications, product guides, user manuals and more.

Top 15 Ways Gary Can Help Your Organization Today

There are hundreds of ways Gary can help your organization today, but below are the top 15.

  1. Gathers Your Ideas: Gary compiles and converts raw data and ideas into web-based, printed or multimedia communications that transfer knowledge to your users.
  2. Gets You Organized: By making the organization of technical information invisible to the reader, Gary transforms disorganized information into a consistent interface and voice.
  3. Fixes Wording: Gary crafts congruent statements out of disjointed ideas not only in product specifications and engineering documents, but in customer facing publications. He fills in gaps in thinking to increase customer understand and appreciation of your products.
  4. Corrects Errors and Cuts the Clutter: Vigilant about accuracy, Gary finds flaws in logic and fixes technical errors. He flushes out technical ambiguity and removes irrelevant detail from documentation so as not to confuse your readers.
  5. Addresses Potential Problems: He will save your organization money by anticipating and addressing potential user support questions within the documentation, thereby reducing the demand for technical support.
  6. Asks Questions: Gary conducts thorough interviews with technical staff to gather data for his documentation. He presents subject-matter experts as extremely knowledgeable and articulate in product documentation. Gary makes effective use of communication practices to foster harmonious relationships with team members and subject-matter experts.
  7. Gives the Reader what They Want: Gary designs documentation that contributes to the creation of happy, repeat customers and to the positive public perception of your products and organization. Customers will find his documents a good reason to use and therefore continue to purchase your products (rather than those of a competitor).
  8. Helps the User: Gary is a user advocate, consultant, and adviser, with the customer's success in mind. Gary sees the product from an end user's view.
  9. Learns it, Does it: Gary takes ownership and pride in his work. He learns fast and works hard to grasp complex technical concepts.
  10. Suggests Change: Although he may make suggestions for improving company documentation standards, Gary does not demand changes without reason.
  11. Keeps Your Style: Likewise, Gary maintains corporate style guidelines and does not alter style without just cause.
  12. Edits and Rewrites: Gary is an accomplished editor who advises where rewriting is needed, he does not rewrite on a grand scale, unless asked.
  13. Juggles Multiple Publications: Capable of juggling multiple concurrent projects, Gary can also be a focused specialist. Either way, he is dependable and flexible.
  14. Uses Technology to Help Customers: By staying current with technical writing trends, practices, tools and technologies, Gary harnesses the latest digital architectures to convey information to customers in a variety of media formats (PDF, HTML, XML, print, social media, etc.).
  15. Gets it Done on Time: Gary is highly organized and proficient at delivering technical publications on time for deadline specific products.

Top 10 Advantages Your Company Will Gain with Gary:

Gary uses his experience, skills and creativity to develop and produce professional technical documentation. There are a lot of advantages that come with hiring Gary, below are just the top 10.

  1. Gary is a skilled documentation expert that can produce and deliver printed and Web-based documentation.
  2. He has experience providing Technical Support and Quality Assurance.
  3. He can take ideas and find solutions to difficult problems.
  4. As a writer, Gary is detail oriented and vigilant about accuracy, yet speedy and prompt at providing deliverables.
  5. He is an engineer who learns fast and works well under pressure.
  6. Gary is a technician with strong analytical, trouble-shooting and problem-solving skills.
  7. He is someone who works well with others yet is comfortable working independently.
  8. Gary prides himself on being responsible and dependable.
  9. He takes ownership and pride in everything he does.
  10. He is a realist who is flexible and willing to compromise.
  11. Bonus Advantage: Gary is someone who knows much, but is not afraid to ask questions when he does not understand something. With numerous friends, colleagues and contacts in the high-tech industries, Gary can quickly call upon a professional subject matter expert to answer a question or assist in a project when necessary.

Below are actual comments and quotes from some of Gary's managers, colleagues and clients.

Gary was, and is, one of those incredible types to manage! You don't need to give direction or guidance, but instead point him in the direction he needs to go, and he will figure it out and do it on his own! I had the tremendous opportunity to work with Gary a couple of times in the Bay Area, and I hope to have the chance to do so again in the future. Regardless of the role, Gary will be your A player!

- Mark P. (Director of Engineering and Gary's manager at Philips and Telocity).

We hired Gary to create and maintain documentation for our portfolio of products and services provided by the Video Program in Cisco IT. Gary is a great technical writer that works well with his clients' team providing great results and value.

- Firas A. (Theater IT Leader - Emerging Markets, Cisco Systems).

These look great! Amazing as always Gary! I appreciate you formatting the Visio files I sent you with the templates. Thanks,

- Faizal (Project Manager)

Hi Gary, This is really, really good. Thanks and Thanks again.

- Zehra (Third-Party Software Developer).

Gary - This is amazing! Thank you so much for the super quick turnaround. The diagram looks great to me. Thanks again.

- Zehra (Third-Party Software Developer - Network Standards: Campus Enterprise Design Diagram).

Gary is very detail oriented, and was a pleasure to work on projects with. He is calm under pressure while never compromising anything. Gary would be a great asset to any team.

- John E. (Portfolio Manager & Wealth Management Adviser).

Gary did a really great job. It's clear, straightforward and professional. Thanks.

- Donna S. (Senior Marcom Manager).

Gary, thanks for all your hard work in putting this together. Your creativity and initiative are impressive! .

- Joseph R. (Project Manager).

Looks great! Everything is fine. I appreciate Gary's efforts in making this happen on the internal website. Thanks.

- Sravan (Software Developer).

Hi Gary, These are excellent. I do like the format and style. We will have a meeting with Cisco reps on the 3rd and we can discuss the project with them while using these excellent slides. Thanks a lot. Best Regards.

- Seyed (Project Manager).

Hi Gary, Thank you, thank you, thank you! This looks really, really good, I may have some changes out of my meeting at 10am, if so I will let you know. Best,

- Kaylee (Project Manager).

Nope, this is perfect, thank you Gary, I really, really appreciate it!!! Best,

- Kaylee (Project Manager - BMU Diagram Rev 1.03)

Gary, thanks. This reads really well. Best regards,

- Jay P. (Vice President of Sales - Corporate Website Content Development).

Gary, really well written manual. Just a couple of really minor points (may not even be worth mentioning)...Overall, really well written. Regards,

- Wilbur T. (Project Manager).

Gary, your writing is great. Properly armed, I hope to get more budget for us to do other projects this quarter. Thanks.

- William B. (Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer).

First of all, thank you for the work you are doing. It will bring great value to the team going forward. I also like the graphics that you are including ? very visually appealing.

- Gail P. (Manager, MGMT-IT).

Regarding the Mind Map: Awesome! Thank you so much ? love your work! Gary.

- Gail P. (Manager, MGMT-IT).

Gary, Hahaha ? I love it! Looks very clean, graphically pleasing to the eye, and tells a story! Thanks a ton ? I?ll keep sending you stuff!

- Gail P. (Manager, MGMT-IT).

Gary, initial impression is WOW. Has a very professional look and feel.

- Rob L. (Project Manager).

This is good stuff. Thanks Gary (regarding new release process diagram).

- Sampath P. (EVP Strategy, Global Delivery & Operations Engineer).

Thanks for enhancing our documentation for Product Catalog Gary! It has been great working with you, and happy we are collaborating to deliver high qality docs. Thanks!

- Jansen H. (Project Manager, Reliability & Security).

Thanks Gary for overhauling our Product Catalog documentation. Really appreciate your effort.

- Raj K. (Software Engineer)

Please note that a large portion of Gary's work consists of printed / hard copies of lengthy technical manuals. As such, he has opted not to present these large files. However, you will find several reduced-length documents posted at Gary's Portfolio page and others provided below.

For even more samples of his work, check out Gary's Corporate Graphics and Technical Documents Gallery.

While you are here, visit Gary's Resume Page.


Below are some of the companies and clients for which Gary has produced technical documentation.

Gary's hardware diagram and feature summary for Google Glass.


Gary's "How the Data Flows" diagram for Google Glass.



Gary's device setup and initialization instructions for Google's Glass device.

Gary's Telsa Graphics and Logos 

The image above contains some of the graphics and logos Gary designed for Tesla Motors.


Gary's Telsa WarpDrive Sales Order Details 

WarpDrive Sales Order Details - UI Diagram designed by Gary for Tesla Motors.


Gary's Telsa Sales Order Process 

Gary's diagram of Tesla's Sales Order Creation Process.


Gary's Facebook_Product Catalog_UI

Gary's UI information diagram for Facebook's Product Catalog (a code inventory, tacking and repository tool).


Gary's Facebook_Product Catalog_Owner_Verification

Product Catalog's Ownership Verification Process Diagram.


Gary's Facebook_Product Catalog_Diagrams

A collage of three other technical diagrams for the Product Catalog project.


One of Gary's favorite infographics, the xTVFusion Platform Diagram for Minerva Networks.


Before and after images of the Platform Diagram (original on left, Gary's on right).


Before and after images of the Set-Top-Box Component Diagram (original on left, Gary's on right).


Gary's Dispatcher Multicast Data Streams Diagram for xTVFusion.


Gary's STB Component Diagram for xTVFusion.



Gary's Network DVR and Whole Home DVR Architecture diagrams.


Gary's diagram of Cisco's B2B Architecture and Global Services Supply Chain.


Gary's diagram of Cisco's Acquisition Integration Methodology and Process Summary.






The image above displays some of the process diagrams Gary produced for Cisco ETMS.


Gary's diagram of the Video Endpoint Deployment Relocation Process (Cisco ETMS).




Gary produced all documentation, artwork, graphics and program icons for PFU Mediastaff (kiosk network management tools).


Gary's diagram of the MEDIASTAFF AD Kiosk Device.

Corporate graphics Gary created for EffOne.


UI Pop-Up Design Graphics for Formopia.



Page 1 and 2 (ses below) of a white paper Gary produced for EffOne.



Gary produced user manuals (and cover artwork) for dozens of EMS' RFID products.


He also produced product graphics, box labels and card designs for EMS' RFID products.


Gary carried out measurements of magnetic fields to come up with these RFID Antenna to Tag Range diagrams.


Gary's Cobalt HS Point-to-Point RFID Network Diagram.


Gary's Subnet16 Gateway ThickNet Network Diagram.


One of the RFID tags that Gary designed for EMS.


Cover artwork for an Operator's Manual designed by Gary for EMS' Subnet16 TCP/IP Gateway.


A letter of reference from Gary's manager at EMS.

FAAC, Inc.

A screen capture from the Model 415 Instruction Manual produced by Gary for FAAC.


Finishline, Inc.

Corporate logo created by Gary for Finishline.


Screen shot of the website created by Gary for Finishline.


Httprint, Inc.

httprint agent

Graphics for the manuals that Gary created for Httprint.


KC Technology, Inc.


Gary produced a User Guide, graphics, icons and logos for KC's Conqueror MD Bluetooth Reference Design Kit.




ClickServices, Inc.

CSC Developer's Guide

Cover artwork for a Developer's Guide Gary created for ClickServices. This document was the first complete manual Gary ever produced (2001).



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