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Gary P. Swope (GPS) specializes in the production of professional technical publications, accurate technical illustrations, stunning infographics, eye-catching logos and riveting audio projects. Technical Writing • Content Engineering • Document Control • Quality Assurance • Technical Support • PC Hardware Repair • Graphic Design • Web Development • Marketing Collateral • Audio Engineering • Sound Design •
Technical Writing • Content Engineering • Quality Assurance • Technical Support • PC Hardware Repair • Graphic Design • Audio Engineering • Sound Design

Gary has worked in cutting-edge high technology sectors for some of Silicon Valley's most ground-breaking companies. He has held positions in Technical Writing, Quality Assurance, Technical Support, Graphic Design and Web Development.

Some of the diagrams and graphics Gary produced for Satellite Healthcare.


Client's original process flow diagram on the left; Gary's redesign is on the right.


Some of the infographics and deployment process flow diagrams Gary produced for Cisco Systems' Emerging Technologies Group.


One of the graphics created by Gary for EffOne's Formopia SaaS web application.


Several of the graphics, logos and product labels designed by Gary for Escort Memory Systems' RFID products.


Application graphics and icons designed by Gary for PFU Systems' MEDIASTAFF Remote Management System.


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All documents, graphics, images and audio on this site are 100% made in the U.S.A.

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