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steel torpedo





now you see him...



Here's a network diagram that resembles a football play (Sweep Right?)


Error Mess(ages)

Some strange error messages for your enjoyment.


"Error has been occurred." - Wow, such command of the English language.


"An internal application error has....what happened?"


"Thank you licensing the program." - I think they forget the word "for."


A required resource was....what?


I agree, that's a lot of arguments.


Who found the operator and what's he doing in the display list?


Unavailable is unavailable (?)


"<unknown> has caused an error in <unknown>. <unknown> will now close." - Well good then.


Here's one of the best, an error message that contradicts itself: "Error Saving File - the operation completed successfully."


Yikes, a fatal error has occurred in Outlook.


"Exception: TypeError: defaultProperties has no properties."


"What error to write for automatical registering." - How Shakespearian


"Thank you licensing the program." - They forgot the "for" again.


Wow thanks, 6665 more licenses to use.


Fox News needs to buy a vowel for this F-ed headline.


From Bleacher Report, one of their teaser links reads: "NFL Starters Who Deserve to Loser Their Job."

It should read: "Copy Editors who Deserve to Lose their Job.


A memory optimizing program displays an out of memory error.




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